CALTEX Havoline Super 4T 20W-40

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Havoline®Super 4T is a premium performance, shearstable, multigrade, multifunctional fluid specifically designed for use in four-stroke motorcycle engines, clutches and gearboxes, and portable power equipment engines requiring JASO MA2 or MA, API SL lubricants, including high specific output engines operating in severe


Clean Engine
High performance formula provides excellent overall engine and transmission cleanliness in all service conditions. High oxidation stability maintains engine performance throughout the full oil drain intervals in modern motorcycle designs.
Engine and Gearbox Durability
Anti-wear additive system reduces wear of highly stressed engine and gearbox components under severe operating conditions.
Power and Performance
Highly effective cleaning system ensures excellent control of engine deposits for optimum power release and acceleration. Frictional and stability characteristics enable and maintain smooth clutch operation.
Easy starting and riding, even at high temperatures
Special additive mix minimizes oil thinning, particularly in the gearbox, offering high stress protection at both start-up and during high temperature operation.


  • Air and liquid-cooled four-stroke motorcycle engines
  • Particularly suitable for Japanese high performance motorcycle engines
  • Motorcycles with and without oil immersed clutches
  • Motorcycles with combined engine / transmission units, or separate gearboxes where a multigrade engine oil is specifiedMotorcycles with back torque limiters
  • Motorcycles with exhaust catalytic converters
  • Latest generation, four-stroke scooter engines


The JASO MA2 category defines the highest friction motorcycle oils suitable for use in the most critical oil immersed clutch installations. Oils which meet JASO MA2 also meet in full JASO MA, so may be used wherever JASO MA is specified. JASO allows an oil to be labelled as either JASO MA2 or JASO MA, but not both simultaneously.


210L, 1L, 20L

Engine Oil Viscosity Grades



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